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02 March 2008

Black Ribbon for Gaza

Reproduced verbatim from: http://sabbah.biz/mt/archives/2008/03/02/black-ribbon-for-gaza/

Black Ribbon for GazaWhen the Virginia Tech shooting happened in the united states about a year ago, many people posted black-ribbon-vt pictures on their facebook/myspace profiles which spread the word and caused more awareness of it. Similar black ribbons were used in other tragic incidents.

Thus, i made this simple gaza black ribbon for use on facebook, so that people with Western contacts could help raise awareness of this human massacre. What do you think of that idea? Can you please put it up on your blog and encourage readers to spread the word as well please?

It is really unfortunate because here in the United States, not a single word was mentioned about the situation in Gaza in any of the major news networks. Not a single word. Nothing!! None of my colleagues know that anything is happening in Gaza at all.

Best Regards,


Thank you, Za3tar!

Please use the “Black Ribbon for Gaza” in all your communication media (e.g. email, forums, flickr, facebook, blog, etc…). Spread the awareness about the atrocities and war crimes conducted by the Israel-Nazi.

To get the code go to: http://sabbah.biz/mt/archives/2008/03/02/black-ribbon-for-gaza/

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