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06 January 2008

January 5, 2008 – Wyoming (Republicans only)

Republican Top Three:

Mitt Romney: 8 delegates
Fred Thompson: 2 delegates
Duncan Hunter: 1 delegate

[SOURCE: http://axcessnews.com/index.php/articles/show/id/13614]


There is no real surprise that Romney won this one, making this Romney’s first state win after losing Iowa to Huckabee. In the West, Mormons are better known and accepted and the GOP voters tend to more centrists perspectives, therefore Romney only made sense. It is a bit surprising to see Duncan Hunter make an appearance here and it would be interesting to see who these voters consider their second choice as it seems unlikely that Hunter will last through the convention.

Next Event: January 8 – Democratic and Republican primaries in New Hampshire. Our predictions: Obama will when NH followed by Clinton on the Democratic side; McCain will win NH followed by Romney.

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