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23 November 2007

Americans for Chavez News Scroller Updated

The News Scroller on the Americans for Chavez website, a project of Bolivarian Circle 'Chief Tierra Blanca' (for more see: http://www.americans-for-chavez.com ) has now been updated. New articles include:

"Massive Student Demonstration In Support Of Constitutional Reforms"

"Venezuela's President Chávez offers George W. Bush to seek help in asylum"

"James Jordan: Q&A to USA ...What in the world is 'wrong' with Venezuela?"

"Counterrevolution raises its head; Heinz Dieterich and General Baduel"

"Day in Solidarity with Venezuela 12/2/07"

"Venezuela and Iran Strengthen 'Anti-Imperialist' Alliance"

"The Struggle for a United Socialist Party of Venezuela"

"Venezuela: OPEC Should Become a Political Actor against Imperialism"

"States of Emergency: Contrasting examples in Pakistan, Venezuela and USA"

"Venezuela's indigenous tribes support Chávez' constitutional reform proposal"

"Venezuela reduced poverty and indigence levels by 18.4% and 12.3% in 2006"

"'We're Number 2!' And Other Stories You'll Never Read About Venezuela"

"Venezuelan Legislator: Opposition Distributes Lies about Constitutional Reform"

"Momentum Builds in Support of Venezuela's Constitutional Reform"

"US Media Bias and Recent Student Violence in Venezuela"

"Spain's United Left admits Chávez' right to reject Aznar's pro-coup attitude"

"Venezuela will start developing a nuclear power sector for peaceful purposes"

"Venezuela becomes China's most important Latin American business partner"

"Chávez: Reform strengthens Venezuelan State in fight against Neo-Liberalism"

"Venezuela to Inaugurate II Cultural Festival with the People of Africa"

"Venezuela at loggerheads with USA's bullying tactics against smaller countries"

"North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had plan to invade Venezuela"

"Chávez proposes OPEC sell oil cheaper to poor countries"

"Dual Power in the Venezuelan Revolution"

¡Viva la Revolución Bolivariana!
¡Viva El Processo!
¡Viva Chavez!

Los amigos americanos de Presidente Chavez y la Revolución en inglés...
Americans for Chavez
Bolivarian Circle 'Chief Tierra Blanca'

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