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24 October 2007

Saturday, Oct 27: Denver Anti-War March & Rally!

… I’ll be the only guy flying the Iraqi flag, since no one else around here appears to have one…

OCTOBER 27 DENVER COLORADO -OCT 27 Protest https://oct27.0war.org/denver.html
12 NOON The rally will be at Lincoln Park/Veterans Park(on Lincoln between 14th and E. Colfax in Denver, across from the Capitol) For more info, call 303-444-6981 or visit https://oct27.0war.org/www.rmpjc.org

Against the War? March and Rally in Denver http://colorado.indymedia.org/node/215
On Saturday, October 27, there will be an anti-war march and rally in Denver at Lincoln Park/Veterans Park at 12 noon. The parks are located just west of the Capitol Building.

We hope to make this the largest rally yet in Denver. The supplemental funding bill for the war most likely will not be voted on until after the rally (maybe as late as January), so this is an important opportunity to show our opposition to the funding for the war. Please help get out as many people as possible to show own resistance to the continued killing of thousands of Iraqis every month in order to seize their oil & gas resources.

This rally is held in conjunction with rallies in about a dozen other cities across the country (http://www.unitedforpeace.org/). Please forward this out to all of your lists and ask people to put the date on their calendar. More info will be forthcoming. http://www.rmpjc.org/

OCT 27: Denver Anti-War March & Rally
As part of the U.S. "National Day of Action" against the war, Denver will be having a march & rally on October 27: Saturday, October 27 DENVER Peace Rally and March against the war on Iraq and a possible war against Iran. Part of a National Day of Action.12 Noon at Lincoln Park just west of the Capitol Building (on Lincoln between 14th and E. Colfax). Music at 11:30 a.m. Please tell everyone you know to come! Let us show our opposition to all of our public officials about their support for a war that has killed 1.2 million Iraqis. Carpool from Boulder Table Mesa Park and Ride at 11 a.m.

Don't forget Palestine! The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has endorsed and is actively encouraging its member groups to participate in this mobilization.

While the U.S. October 27 mobilization is focused on the war in Iraq and against the potential for war on Iran; other national mobilizations are also happening in other countries on the same date. For example, in Canada it will be a National Day of Action on Afghanistan & no war on Iran

Right-Wing Idiot Alert: For the record, right-wing idiots all excited to have OTHER people go die for Bush's oil scheme are planning on counter-protesting in Denver, See: "Eagles Needed: Evergreen and Denver, CO"

Other Blog Notices:

Regional Anti-War Protest Scheduled for Denver
"Join peace activists from Colorado Springs who will be traveling to Denver on Saturday, October 27th to join the nationwide action calling for an end to the Iraq war."

This Saturday protest the Iraq War in Denver
"It’s just a short trip up to Denver and back, so combine the demo with some other activities and protest the continued occupation of Iraq by American troops."

For Peace! Denver Rally This Saturday
"Metro Denver Greens encourages all Coloradoans seeking an end to the U.S. military occupation of Iraq to attend this rally."

It's great to see activists working on the protests throughout the country. The NYC protest reenergized me.
I have footage of Denver’s Oct. 27 Antiwar rally on YouTube. It is at:


YouTube displays a very bad and pixilated video. If you want a good clear copy of the DVD, you can send me your mailing address. Please explain why you need it because production and postage is expensive for me.

I hope you enjoy the film.

Chun Pan
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