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27 September 2007

So how have the US/Israeli efforts to isolate Iran fared around the world?

“I think it's very important for the world to unite with one common voice, to say to the Iranians that, 'if you choose to continue forward, you'll be isolated,' … Let's work in concert to convince the government that it's not just the Israeli voices speaking or the United States voices speaking, but there's a lot of other voices saying the exact same thing, …” – President Bush [1]

Although the US imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran after the Iranian people ousted the US puppet dictator, Shah Pahlavi [2], these sanctions have never really been taken overly seriously. Within a couple years of the Islamic Revolution, Washington was already in business with the Islamic Republic selling weapons in what later became known as the “Iran-Contra Affair” [3] and this trend continued up until just a couple years ago, with Vice President Cheney’s Halliburton firm dealing with Iran [4].

Despite the rather tongue-in-cheek nature – especially among Republicans - of the US sanctions, efforts to isolate Iran have been seriously ramped up over the last couple of years. This is part of the campaign to keep the Iranians dependent by denying them their completely legal right to develop nuclear energy [5] on the grounds that at some point in the future Iran may opt to create a nuclear weapons program [6]. Luckily, most of the interests that rallied behind the invasion and occupation of Iraq are either doing fine as it is (e.g. oil companies, defense contractors) or are currently stretched (e.g. the US military, the “Coalition of the Willing”) and only one major interest is pressing for war on Iran today. In that this sole faction is pressing for war and has not succeeded in this goal, the alternative position that has been accepted by the United States government as a whole has been an effort to impose tighter sanctions and internationally isolate Iran.

This campaign for sanctions and isolation has been in full swing for about two years now, coupled with a constant barrage of patently false reports [7] attempting to portray Iran as a threat to global security. So the question is how has this campaign been going? How successful have efforts to isolate Iran been to date? Does the rest of the world take US/Israeli propaganda seriously?

To find an answer to this question, below is a list of all current member states of the United Nations. Using the Google News search engine, I coupled each country with Iran to pull up recent news stories regarding Iranian relations with these countries. Below are the results, the countries highlighted in Blue are friendly with Iran and/or expanding cooperation whereas those highlighted in Red are hostile to the Islamic Republic.


[1] Greg Kelly and The Associated Press, “Bush Urges Isolation of Iran Until It Gives Up Nuclear Ambitions,” FOX News, 13 November 2006

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[4] Jefferson Morley, "Halliburton Doing Business With the 'Axis of Evil'," Washington Post, 3 February 2005

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Afghanistan: Afghanistan is currently under NATO occupation and despite the fact that the NATO-installed Quisling-like puppet government is represented in the United Nations, as a de facto non-sovereign occupation zone it should not be. Therefore Afghanistan is excluded.

Albania: "Iran, Albania discuss mutual ties," PRESS TV, 26 September 2007
"The envoy expressed the readiness of Iranian organizations and private companies to promote bilateral ties in various fields, particularly in scientific and economic areas. Oteka mentioned that Albania is finished with the era of communist rule and currently has resolved to expand ties with different countries. Pointing out Albania's atmosphere for economic cooperation, attraction of foreign investment and providing facilities to investors of other countries, he added that preparations are being made for economic cooperation between Tehran and Tirana regarding cultural bonds and capabilities of Iranian companies."

Algeria: "Export Development Bank of Iran in Algeria," ISNA, 15 September 2007
"The Export Development Bank of Iran will soon start its work in Algeria. This branch would be established in Algeria so to decrease the two countries' problems on the way of trade and banking connections, said Iran's ambassador to Algeria, Hussein Abdi Abiane. ... Algeria with 80 billion dollars foreign exchange reserves, no foreign loans and a 150 billion dollar budget for reconstruction was in great need of technical and engineering services and also various sorts of goods, Abiane added. ... Iran is recently after allocating a bigger share of the Algerians' market to itself through expansion of economic ties. In this regard Iran's president in his recent trip to Algeria has signed economic agreements with Algerian officials including air transportation."

Andorra: No news about Iranian-Andorran relations.

Angola: No news about Iranian-Andorran relations outside of activity related to OPEC, to which both countries belong.

Antigua & Barbuda: No news about Iranian-Antiguan/Barbudan relations.

Argentina: "Argentina seeks help on AMIA probe," PRESS TV, 27 September 2007
"Argentina's president, Nestor Kirchner, has asked for Iran's cooperation in probing into the bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires. Kirchner's accusation of former Iranian officials comes while Iran has firmly and repeatedly denied any involvement in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA headquarters, which killed 85 people."

Armenia: "Iran, Armenia to broaden mutual cooperation," IranMania, 26 September 2007
"Armenian Ambassador to Tehran Karen Nazarian conferred with the Head of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi on expansion of cooperation between the two countries, IRNA reported. ... Expressing satisfaction with the current level of mutual relations, he said there are huge untapped potentials which should be explored for broadening of economic, cultural and political ties between the two countries."

Australia: "Downer slams Iran over weapons supplies," ABC News, 26 September 2007
"Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has called on Iran to stop supplying weapons to militias in Iraq. Mr. Downer says he made Australia's position plain during a recent bilateral meeting with Iran's Foreign Minister."

Austria: "OMV: US Iran sanctions pose no risk," PRESS TV, 26 September 2007
"The Chief Executive of the Austrian oil and gas group OMV says US possible sanctions pose no risk to the firm's investments in Iran. Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer said the company conforms to UN regulations and all European and Austrian rules about investments in Iran. ... Experts believe OMV, the biggest oil and gas group in Central Europe, may face sanctions like the lack of financial support from the US and being blacklisted by US stock markets. OMV Spokesman, Thomas Huemer had earlier said OMV was continuing talks with Iran and the two sides would finalize a cooperation agreement by the end of 2007."

Azerbaijan: "Tehran-Baku ties upset ill-wishers," PRESS TV, 26 September 2007
"Iran's ambassador to Azerbaijan says the positive developing relationship between Iran and Azerbaijan has disappointed ill-wishers. ... A number of Azeri press officials underlined their interest in expansion of reciprocal ties, saying the removal of visa restrictions and streamlining travel can prepare the way for an extension of relations."

Bahamas: No news about Iranian-Bahaman relations.

Bahrain: "Iran to export gas to Bahrain in 2012," PRESS TV, 24 September 2007
"Iran will start exporting natural gas to Bahrain in 2012, Bahraini Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs Abdul-Hussain Mirza has said. The joint technical committee of Iran and Bahrain will hold their second round of talks in Tehran next month on the issue of natural gas export, ISNA quoted the minister as saying. He added that in the current round of talks, the final draft of an agreement on Iran-Bahrain gas trade will be prepared. Mirza noted that negotiations on Iran's gas export to Bahrain will end in one year."

Bangladesh: "Iran, Bangladesh plan to set up a joint chamber," IranMania, 3 September 2007
"Iran and Bangladesh plan to set up a joint chamber of commerce. According to IRNA, the presidents of Iran and Bangladesh have agreed to establish the commerce chamber within the framework of past commercial agreements between the two countries. The plan aims to encourage investment and boost economic transactions between the two nations. A working group comprising representatives from the two sides will be set up to discuss various aspects of the plan and remove probable problems. Iran and Bangladesh have agreed to provide facilities to investors from each other's countries."

Barbados: No news about Iranian-Barbadan relations.

Belarus: "Iran, Belarus in deal to develop oil field," Agence France-Presse, 5 September 2007
"Iran and Belarus Wednesday signed a deal worth an initial 250 million dollars to develop an oil field in southwest Iran, the latest sign of the expanding relationship between the two US foes. The deal to develop the Jofeir oil field was signed in Tehran by Iranian officials and the president of the Belarusneft oil company, Alexander Lyakov. Naji Saadoni, the head of Iranian oil projects in the region, told reporters the deal was worth 250 million dollars and then up to another 250 million dollars if Iran's national oil company agreed to go ahead with a second phase. The field, which lies in an oil-rich region of Ilam province close to the border with Iraq, will supply 15,000 barrels of oil a day in the first phase and then 25,000 barrels should the second phase go ahead, he added. ... 'We are extremely pleased with the results of this negotiation and it is a pillar of the burgeoning ties between the two countries,' he added. Lukashenko has also visited Tehran and the two countries are seeking to forge an increasingly close relationship based on a shared distrust of the United States, which accuses both nations of rights violations."

Belgium: "Belgium to enter Iran's housing sector," PRESS TV, 24 September 2007
"Belgian construction firms have announced readiness to construct 1m housing units in Iran within 5-7 years and will soon submit a proposal. ... Apart from submitting its proposal on housing cooperation to Iran's Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the Belgian Housing Industry is also intent on entering into talks with the country's private sector, he said. Meanwhile, a diplomat from the economic section of the Belgian Embassy in Tehran said that his country was seeking long-term cooperation with Iran's economic sector in a variety of fields."

Belize: No news about Iranian-Belize relations.

Benin: "Iran looks to Africa," United Press International, 6 September 2007
"Iranian government and business has been reaching out to Africa. In August, a 30-person Iranian business delegation met with officials in Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon and Liberia, and went away with promises to increase trade and development, according to Iran`s PressTV. Iran is interested in construction, banking, pharmaceuticals, and auto manufacturing in these West African countries."

Bhutan: No news about Iran-Bhutan relations.

Bolivia: "Bolivia's president defends relationship with Iran," People's Daily Online, 26 September 2007
"Bolivia's President Evo Morales on Tuesday defended collaboration with Iran on the sidelines of the 62nd United Nations General Assembly, according to news reaching here. ... Iran's President Mahmud Ahmadineyad will arrive in Bolivia on Thursday to sign aid agreements as well as deals on technology transfer and construction of industrial plants. 'We decided to begin this agreement and open diplomatic relations with Iran to complement and improve the nation's economic situation, not to damage or offend anyone,' he said."

Bosnia: No news about recent Iran-Bosnia relations.

Botswana: No news about recent Iran-Botswana relations.

Brazil: "Brazil's Lula defends Iran's nuclear rights," Reuters, 26 September 2007
"Iran has the right to proceed with peaceful nuclear research and should not be punished just because of Western suspicions it wants to make an atomic bomb, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Tuesday. 'So far, Iran has committed no crime regarding the U.N. guidelines on nuclear weapons,' Lula told reporters as he prepared to return to Brazil after delivering a speech at the United Nations General Assembly. 'Nobody should be punished in advance,' said Lula, whose country started enriching uranium for its nuclear power plants last year, causing only limited international attention."

Brunei Darussalam: "Darussalam Holdings spreads wings to Iran," Brunei Press, 17 September 2007
"Darussalam Holdings added another destination to its list of tour packages focusing on Islam; this time around it is Iran. The government-owned company has spread its wings from managing a range of Hajj and Umrah packages to organising tour packages to international destinations. ... A group of Islamic travel and tour agencies from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore went on a seven-day familiarisation trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran from August 1-8, 2007. Brunei Darussalam was represented by Haji Mahmud bin Haji Mohamed, the Managing Director of Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad."

Bulgaria: "Iran, Bulgaria to boost culture ties," PRESS TV, 7 September 2007
"Iran and Bulgaria have agreed on a two-year cooperation program in the fields of culture, science, education, sport and tourism. Bulgaria's Deputy Foreign Minister, Feim Chaushev, and the Iranian envoy to Bulgaria, Habibollah Biazar have signed an exchange program for the years 2007 to 2009. 'Cultural cooperation can lay the ground for further developments of dialogue between the two civilizations,' he added. 'The new agreement expands Iran-Bulgaria relations', said Habibollah Biazar, adding that 'bilateral co operations between the two countries are not only limited to this program and we are about to witness expansions of relations in other fields too.'"

Burkina Faso: No news about recent Iran-Burkino Faso relations.

Burundi: No news about recent Iran-Burundi Faso relations.

Cambodia: No news about recent Iran-Cambodia relations.

Cameroon: "Iran looks to Africa," United Press International, 6 September 2007
"Iranian government and business has been reaching out to Africa. In August, a 30-person Iranian business delegation met with officials in Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon and Liberia, and went away with promises to increase trade and development, according to Iran`s PressTV. Iran is interested in construction, banking, pharmaceuticals, and auto manufacturing in these West African countries."

Canada: "Canada could add Iran's Guard to terror list," National Post, 25 September2007
"Canada is 'very concerned' about Tehran's intervention outside its borders and has not ruled out banning the Iranian Revolutionary Guard under the Anti-Terrorism Act, says Stockwell Day, the Minister of Public Safety."

Cape Verde: No news about recent Iran-Cape Verde relations.

Central African Republic: No news about recent Iran-Central African Republic relations.

Chad: No news about recent Iran-Chad relations.

Chile: No news about recent Iran-Chile relations.

China: "Prospects very bright for Iran-China ties: ambassador," Tehran Times, 18 September 2007
"Mr. Liu said Iran and China enjoy 'complementary' relations and called the outlook for relations between the two Asian nations 'very promising.' The ambassador added that China recognizes Iran’s legitimate right to produce nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and confirms the statement by Iranian officials that Tehran 'is not seeking nuclear arms.' ... It was over 36 years ago that Iran and China established political relations and since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the political ties between the two countries have been expanding and the two countries have enjoyed mutual understanding. ... In 2006 China was Iran’s biggest trade partner and the trade ties between the two countries reached $14.5 billion and it is forecast to reach $20 billion in the current year. If the trade ties reach this rate it would show that trade ties between the two countries has expanded 200 times since the Iranian revolution. Importing oil from Iran constitutes about two-thirds of China’s trade with Iran. China exports machinery to Iran; for example most of the machinery used in the Tehran metro, such as rail and electricity facilities have been provided by China. Many of the machinery used in power plants such as the ones in Arak and Karun have been bought from China. ..."

Colombia: No news about recent Iran-Colombia relations.

Comoros: No news about recent Iran-Comoros relations.

Congo: No news about recent Iran-Republic of Congo relations.

Costa Rica: No news about recent Iran-Costa Rica relations.

Côte d'Ivoire: No news about recent Iran-Côte d'Ivoire relations.

Croatia: "Iran, Croatia stress expansion of bilateral ties," IRNA, 26 September 2007
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and his Croatian counterpart Stjepan Mesic here on Tuesday reviewed avenues to bolster all-out bilateral relations, particularly in the area of economy. The meeting was held on the sidelines of the 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly. ... For his part, President Mesic regretted that as a result of the hegemonistic policies of certain powers, injustice is predominant in the world. Lauding Iran's independent stands regarding various world developments, he said part of Tehran's policies are misinterpreted by international community. The Croatian president further underscored the need for promotion of all-out ties with Iran."

Cuba: "Children of Che Guevara meet Iran’s culture minister," Tehran Times, 27 September 2007
"Two children of Ernesto Che Guevara met Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad-Hossein Saffar Harandi here on Tuesday. Aleida and Camilo Guevara are currently visiting Iran and are scheduled to meet with high-ranking Iranian officials. The culture minister paid tribute to Che Guevara and said Iran and Cuba have one point in common, which is the fact that both have experienced U.S. hostility. ... He went on to say that Cuba’s independence has been the main factor driving its development and expressed hope that Cubans’ resistance would always be inspired by Che. Aleida Guevara said she was glad to be able to visit Iran, adding, 'We are here as representatives of Cuba to announce the solidarity of the Cuban nation with the people of Iran.'"

Cyprus: "Iran: Cyprus a bridge of communication between EU and Middle East region," Financial Mirror, 20 September 2007
"Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, plays an important role as a bridge of communication between the EU and countries of the wider region, said here Tuesday Iranian Ambassador to Cyprus Alireza Bigdeli. ... A statement issued by the House after the meeting said Christofias praised the level of traditionally very good relations between the two countries and expressed the wish that these relations are further developed to benefit the people. On his part, Bigdeli expressed appreciation for the friendly relations between Cyprus and the Iranian Republic, noting that Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, plays an important role as a bridge of communication between the EU and countries of the wider region."

Czech Republic: "Czech Ready to Expand Relations with Iran," Fars News Agency, 25 September 2007
"Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg voiced his country's preparedness to develop ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Schwarzenberg made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in a meeting on the sidelines of the 62nd annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. During the meeting, the Czech official said that his country's ambassador to Tehran is seriously pursuing the expansion of the two states' bilateral relations, and called for continued exchange of views by the two countries to solve partial problems and remove possible impediments to the two nations' relations. The Iranian minister, for his part, voiced Tehran's readiness to use the two countries' potentials to further expand ties, and described regional and international cooperation as a back-up for the expansion of mutual relations."

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea): "Iran, North Korea to defend independent states at int'l arena," IRNA, 3 September 2007
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday that Tehran and Pyongyang can defend rights of independent states at international bodies including the United Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). He made the remarks in a meeting with the foreign minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Pak Ui Chun. The meeting was held on the sidelines of the NAM Ministerial Meeting on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity which is underway in Tehran on September 3-4. President Ahmadinejad also welcomed promotion of Iran-DPRK ties in all fields. Meanwhile, the North Korean minister appreciated hospitality of Iranian government and its nation and conveyed Pyongyang's warm greetings to Iranian officials. 'Pyongyang supports Iran's stand on peaceful nuclear program,' Pak Ui Chun said. He said Iran is playing key role for strengthening regional peace and stability. The minister called for further promotion of Tehran-pyongyang relations."

Democratic Republic of the Congo: No news about recent Iran-DRC relations.

Denmark: No news about recent Iran-Denmark relations.

Djibouti: No news about recent Iran-Djibouti relations.

Dominica: No news about recent Iran-Dominica relations.

Dominican Republic: No news about recent Iran-Dominican Republic relations.

Ecuador: No news about recent Iran-Ecuador Republic relations.

Egypt: "Egypt seeks to restore ties with Iran," Xinhua News Agency, 19 September 2007
"Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said Wednesday that his country sought to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran through 'constructive consultations,' the official MENA news agency reported. ... On Tuesday, visiting Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi held talks with senior Egyptian foreign ministry officials on boosting bilateral ties. The two sides agreed on resuming dialogue, especially in terms of bilateral relations on the level of senior officials and then foreign ministers of the two countries, the foreign ministry said in a press release following the meeting. ... As for Iran's disputed nuclear issue, Abul Gheit said Egypt supports a peaceful settlement, expressing Egypt's full rejection of any military action against Iran. 'Egypt supports a peaceful settlement to Iran's nuclear file through negotiations that would allow Iran to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes in accordance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,' he said. Bilateral relations between Egypt and Iran, which were frozen after the Iranian revolution in 1979, have witnessed a gradual resumption in recent years."

El Salvador: No news about recent Iran-El Salavador relations.

Equatorial Guinea: No news about recent Iran-Equatorial Guinea relations.

Eritrea: "Mottaki: Iran seeks friendly ties with Eritrea," IRNA, 27 September 2007
"Eritrea's Foreign Minister Osman Saleh conferred on Wednesday with Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on expansion of cooperation between the two countries. Describing the two sides' relations as friendly, Mottaki said Iran has always sought an amicable ties with Eritrea. ... Eritrea's foreign minister was in Tehran to attend a NAM ministerial meeting on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity which ended on Tuesday. Expressing satisfaction with his participation in the NAM ministerial meeting, he said 'We appreciate Tehran for holding such an significant meeting.' Highlighting regional developments, he called on the Islamic Republic of Iran to play a more active role in bolstering the country's economic infrastructure. The Eritrean foreign minister called on Iran to hold a trade exhibition in his country. He called for expansion of political ties between the two countries."

Estonia: "Estonia lauds Iran-IAEA cooperation," PRESS TV, 13 September 2007
"The Estonian Foreign Minister has stressed the importance of Iran's role in the Middle East, calling Iran-IAEA cooperation 'significant'. In a meeting with Reza Nazar-Ahari, Iran's accredited representative to Tallinn, Urmas Paet said that he looked forward to a lasting cooperation between Iran and the IAEA, adding that the recent agreements were crucial in resolving the issue. With over 120 Estonian peace keepers in Iraq, Paet acknowledged Iran's key position in the Middle East and praised its effective role in establishing stability in Iraq and Afghanistan. Noting the recent Iran-IAEA progress, Nazar-Ahari expressed hope that the meeting of the Board of Governors this week, would support Iran's peaceful nuclear activities. The two sides also called for the expansion of bilateral ties."

Ethiopia: "Iran, Ethiopia to boost economic ties," PRESS TV, 4 September 2007
"Visiting Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin has called for the expansion of economic, agricultural and industrial ties with Iran. In a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Ministerial Meeting in Tehran, Mesfin voiced the African country's interest in Iranian investment in Ethiopia's agricultural sector. Mesfin said that Addis Abba would send a delegation to Tehran in the near future to discuss the purchase of oil from Iran. He emphasized the necessity of establishing a permanent center for future NAM meetings, adding, 'Developing countries should use the center to make their voices heard in the international community.' Mottaki, for his part, said Iran is ready to construct power plants, dams, and buildings in Ethiopia and to invest in the country's agricultural and industrial sectors."

Fiji: No news about recent Iran-Fiji relations.

Finland: "Finland backs Iran's nuclear rights," PRESS TV, 8 September 2007
"An Iranian official has met and conferred with Finnish officials on the latest constructive developments on Iran's peaceful nuclear case. Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International affairs, Seyyed Abbas Araqchi met separately with Under-Secretary of State, Markus Lyra, and Under-Secretary for External Affairs, Esko Hamilo on Friday. By expressing hope to overcome the problems in Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, the former Iranian Ambassador to Helsinki, highlighted recent agreement with the IAEA, as a 'significant step forward,' as called by the IAEA Chief, ElBaradei. Finnish officials, for their part, by stressing on Iran's right to the peaceful use of nuclear technology, hailed Iran's on-going cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. ... Both countries' officials voiced their willingness to further develop the bilateral economic, political, and cultural relations between Tehran and Helsinki."

France: "France says nuclear weapons in Iran's hands 'unacceptable'," Agence France-Presse, 25 September 2007
"French President Nicolas Sarkozy piled pressure on Iran at the United Nations Tuesday, saying it would be unacceptable for the Islamic republic to get hold of nuclear weapons. ... 'Iran has the right to nuclear energy,' Sarkozy told world leaders at the General Assembly's 62nd session here. 'But allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons would mean an unacceptable risk for regional and world stability.' Sarkozy added there would be no world peace if the international community 'shows weakness in the face of the proliferation of nuclear weapons,' in a speech received with loud applause from the rest of the assembly."

Gabon: "Iran, Gabon study expansion of mutual ties," IRNA, 27 September 2007
"Gabon's Foreign Minister Jean Ping who is attending Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) ministerial meeting, exchanged views with his Iranian counterpart on the sidelines of the meeting here Tuesday. According to Information and Press Bureau of Foreign Ministry, at the meeting, Mottaki highlighted good ties between the two countries and said there are good potentials for expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries mainly in the oil industry. The Islamic Republic of Iran can play a much active role in Gabon's developments, he said adding that opening of Gabon's embassy in Tehran would prepare a suitable opportunity for expansion of mutual ties. Mottaki also voiced the readiness of Iranian oil companies to exploit and excavate oil in Gabon and said, 'We are ready to dispatch an economic delegation to study grounds for expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries.' Gabon's foreign minister, for his part, underlined that his country attaches importance to the Tehran meeting and said the two sides are now experiencing good ties and Gabon's president personally likes Iran. Gabon has removed many red-tapes and limits in customs formalities and welcomes investment of Iranian oil companies in Gabon, he said."

Gambia: "'Iran Trip, Very Fruitful'... Nyimassata Sanneh-Bojang," AllAfrica.Com, 5 September 2007
"Ajaratou Nyimasatta Sanneh-Bojang, Administrative Secretary of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC), has described her trip to Teheran as very fruitful and informative. ... During her stay in Teheran ,she had the opportunity to meet Iranian women from different institutions. Very impressed by her trip, she indicated that the stereo typical picture portrayed in the Western media about Iran is unfair and untrue. 'In spite of their different engagements, Iranian women participate actively in the development process of their country,' she said. ... She also disclosed that the most interesting moment of her trip in Tehran was marked by her meeting with female soldiers at one of their numerous military camps. According to her, the peculiarity of this camp lies on the fact that it only comprises of female soldiers. Women in Iran are always in the forefront when it comes to defending their country's national sovereignty and territorial integrity. She further called on Gambian women to emulate their Iranian counterparts, noting that they are always remembering the beliefs of Imam Khomeyni, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Georgia: "Iran, Georgia to boost customs ties," PRESS TV, 16 September 2007
"Iranian and Georgian officials have arrived at an agreement on mutual cooperation to enhance customs efficiency. The cooperation, between Iran and Georgia, is placed to avert customs offenses at the border crossings between the two countries. In accordance with the agreement, customs officials of both countries will inform one another of customs violations that take place within each country."

Germany: "Germany says burden of nuclear proof on Iran," Reuters, 26 September 2007
"German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that Iran had to convince the world it was not working on a nuclear weapon or she would support stiffer sanctions against Tehran. 'Let us not fool ourselves,' Merkel told the U.N. General Assembly. 'If Iran were to acquire the nuclear bomb, the consequences would be disastrous -- first and foremost for the existence of Israel, secondly for the entire region and ultimately for all of us in Europe and the world. 'Therefore we have to prevent Iran ever coming into possession of one,' she said. 'Germany will firmly advocate additional harsher sanctions -- if Iran does not comply,' Merkel said."

Ghana: "Iran, friend of all African states including Ghana," IranMania, 4 September 2007
"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran is a friend of all African states including Ghana and there is no obstacle to expansion of mutual ties, IRNA reported. According to the Information Bureau of Presidential Office, Ahmadinejad made the remark in a meeting with the visiting Ghanaian Foreign Minister Akwasi Osei Adjei on the sidelines of a Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) meeting in Tehran. The president added that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to put its constructive experiences at the disposal of Ghana. The Iranian and Ghanaian nations enjoy brotherly relations, and both countries cooperate with each other in international fora, he said, noting that big powers are opposed to cooperation among independent countries, but Tehran is determined to expand ties with other states. The Ghanaian foreign minister, for his part, appreciated the Iranian government and people for their hospitality, and called for expansion of all-out relations between the two countries."

Greece: No news about recent Iran-Greece relations.

Grenada: No news about recent Iran-Grenada relations.

Guatemala: No news about recent Iran-Guatemala relations.

Guinea: No news about recent Iran-Guinea relations.

Guinea-Bissau: No news about recent Iran-Guinea-Bissau relations.

Guyana: No news about recent Iran-Guyana relations.

Haiti: No news about recent Iran-Haiti relations.

Honduras: No news about recent Iran-Honduras relations.

Hungary: No news about recent Iran-Hungary relations.

Iceland: No news about recent Iran-Iceland relations.

India: "India opposed to military strike on Iran," PRESS TV, 14 September 2007
"Indian Foreign Minister says India strongly supports Iran-IAEA working plan and is vehemently opposed to any armed intervention in Iran. 'India favors a non-interventionist policy in Iran. India is against armed intervention in another country,' Indian External Affaires Minister Pranab Mukherjee told journalists and academicians in Bangkok on Friday. The Indian official noted, 'Iran has sought to promote a peaceful civil nuclear program for its own purposes. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran has its own commitments and all the contentious issues should be resolved amicably.'"

Indonesia: "Iran, Indonesia to Implement Mutual Cooperation Agreement," Fars News Agency, 8 September 2007
"Iran and Indonesia are to implement an agreement they concluded last year for cooperating in the establishment of small and medium industries and construction of industrial townships, an Iranian official said Saturday. Managing Director of the Industrial Townships of Iran's Khorassan Razavi province, Ali Soleymani, made the remarks during a visit to Iran's northeastern Food Industries Technology and Biotechnology Township by a delegation of Indonesian traders and food industries specialists. During the visit, Soleymani described the township as a center with national and trans-national functioning, which bridges the gap between Iranian and foreign traders. 'The technology townships are required to promote the technological level of the food processing and producing units which are plentiful in Khorassan province,' he added."

Iraq: Iraq is currently under US military occupation and despite the fact that the US-installed Quisling-like puppet government is represented in the United Nations, as a de facto non-sovereign occupation zone it should not be. Therefore Iraq is excluded, see the US instead.

Ireland: No news about recent Iran-Ireland relations.

Israel: "Iran, Israel ratchet up tensions," Asia Times, 25 September 2007
"What is remarkable about this issue is the depth, extensiveness and consistent recycling of military threats against Iran, both veiled and unveiled, by the Israelis. Having convinced themselves, and a good part of the Western world, that Iran is about to reach the "point of no return" in its nuclear program, Israeli civilian and military leaders and their allies in the Israeli and US media have ratcheted up the threat of a military strike on Iran as a rational and feasible option. This is in complete disregard for international law and the principles of the UN Charter, which forbids member states "from using the threat or use of force" against each other."

Italy: "Iran, Italy review mutual, regional developments," Tehran Times, 20 September 2007
"The visiting political advisor to Italy's prime minister conferred on Wednesday with Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki on issues of mutual interests. ... Highlighting the current 'good and constructive' relations between Iran and Italy, Mottaki said the visit of the Italian envoy to Iran indicates the firm determination of the country for playing a positive role in the region. The Islamic Republic of Iran always tries to find a way out of regional crises, he said, adding that Iran is ready to help implement the initiatives of the Italian government. The Italian envoy, for his part, referred to existing commonalties between the two countries and their potentials and called for expansion of ties between the two countries. Elaborating on the policies of the Italian government to play a positive role in the region, he underlined the significant role of Iran in regional developments."

Jamaica: No news about recent Iran-Jamaica relations.

Japan: "Iran’s Japanese oil clients told to replace dollar with yen," Tehran Times, 26 September 2007
"Marketing manager of National Iranian Oil Co. here Tuesday said the NIOC told all oil purchasers in Japan to replace dollar with yen in their deals. Mohammad-Ali Khatibi told PIN that some Japanese had followed the policy, adding Nippon Oil was not the sole refinery that was paying yen instead of dollar for importing Iran’s oil as other refineries of Japan were buying the commodity in yen. ... Khatibi said over 70 percent of Iran’s crude oil was now sold in euro and yen instead of dollar. Given the fluctuation and weakening trend of dollar in the recent years, Iran decided to receive the least amount of dollar as revenue in its international deals, asking its customers to change their currency policy. Iran is Japan’s third biggest oil supplier, standing after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Iran has been increasingly selling oil in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, which has fallen in value."

Jordan: No news about recent Iran-Jordan relations.

Kazakhstan: "Iran, Kazakhstan willing to boost ties," KazInform, 28 August 2007
"Kazakhstan has expressed its readiness to expand bilateral relations with Iran, which is seen as a key player in the Middle East region. In a meeting on Monday between the Vice-Speaker of Iran's Parliament (Majlis) and Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Tehran the two sides expressed readiness for expanding bilateral relations. Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi-Fard said Iranian officials have a positive attitude to boosting parliamentary, economic and cultural relations with Kazakhstan, adding that further efforts should be made in this regard."

Kenya: "Iran, Kenya sign housing MoU," PRESS TV, 5 September 2007
"Iran and Kenya have signed a memorandum of understanding on expansion of cooperation in the fields of housing and urban development. ... According to the MoU, Iran and Kenya vowed to help each other in establishing direct contact between the two countries' various companies, organizations and investing foundations engaged in activities relating to housing and urban development. It also stressed that Kenya would make use of Iran's experience in reconstructing rundown buildings in Kenya and the two countries would provide the necessary facilities for holding specialized exhibitions. Saeedi-Kia expressed hope that the MoU would pave the way for the two sides to benefit from each other's experiences, capabilities and potentialities in the housing and urban development sector. For his part, the Kenyan minister said that his country hoped to use Iran's experience in the fields of urban development and housing construction."

Kiribati: No news about recent Iran-Kiribati relations.

Kuwait: "Kuwait rallies to defence of Iran," Agence France-Presse, 26 September 2007
"US ally Kuwait yesterday rallied to the defence of neighbouring Iran, which is coming under increasing international pressure to reveal more details about its controversial nuclear programme, the official KUNA news agency reported. 'Iran is a friendly neighbouring state and we cannot accept seeing it in an embarrassing situation,' KUNA reported Sheikh Jaber al-Mubarak al-Sabah, the oil-rich state’s first deputy premier, defence and interior minister, as saying. ... Kuwait has called on Iran to show full cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency over its nuclear programme. Kuwait has said it opposes any military strike against Tehran, and has called for a negotiated settlement of the standoff over the nuclear programme."

Kyrgyzstan: No news about recent Iran-Kyrgyzstan relations.

Lao People's Democratic Republic: No news about recent Iran-Laos relations.

Latvia: No news about recent Iran-Latvia relations.

Lebanon: "Lahoud thanks Iran for supporting Lebanon in 33-day Israeli war," Tehran Times, 25 September 2007
"Lebanese President Emile Lahoud on Tuesday thanked Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenii, President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian nation for their unsparing support for Lebanon in Israel's 33-day war with Lebanon. In a meeting with Ahmadinejad on the sidelines of the 62nd UN General Assembly session, Lahoud also appreciated Iran for its contribution to Lebanon's reconstruction. He also stressed the need for expansion of mutual relations. Ahmadinejad, for his part, hoped that internal problems in Lebanon would be settled in line with the country's interests. He said that the 33-day war and Zionist regime's merciless invasion of Lebanon showed that despite being a small country, Lebanon managed to break invincibility myth of the Zionist entity."

Lesotho: "Iran, Lesotho favor expanding ties," PRESS TV, 4 September 2007
"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has underscored Tehran's willingness to develop bilateral relations with independent countries. In a meeting held on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement's ministerial conference in Tehran, President Ahmadinejad conferred with Lesotho's Foreign Affairs Minister, Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa, on expanding bilateral ties with Maseru. Ahmadinejad also stressed that boosting ties with African nations is a fundamental part of Iran's foreign policies, clarifying that Tehran does not allow the size or population of a country to influence its approach towards the state. 'We respect all people around the world not because of their origin, but because of their human dignity,' he said. Tsekoa, for his part, hailed Tehran and Leader of the Islamic Revolution Seyyed Ali Khamenei as advocates of oppressed African nations. Lesotho supports Iran's peaceful nuclear activities and Tehran's efforts in establishing peace and security in various countries, the minister added."

Liberia: "Iran looks to Africa," United Press International, 6 September 2007
"Iranian government and business has been reaching out to Africa. In August, a 30-person Iranian business delegation met with officials in Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon and Liberia, and went away with promises to increase trade and development, according to Iran`s PressTV. Iran is interested in construction, banking, pharmaceuticals, and auto manufacturing in these West African countries."

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: No news about recent Iran-Libya relations.

Liechtenstein: No news about recent Iran-Liechtenstein relations.

Lithuania: No news about recent Iran-Lithuania relations.

Luxembourg: No news about recent Iran-Luxembourg relations.

Madagascar: No recent news about Iran-Madagascar relations.

Malawi: No recent news about Iran-Malawi relations.

Malaysia: "Mottaki meets Malaysia, Belgium FMs," PRESS TV, 27 September 2007
"The Iranian Foreign Minister has met his Malaysian and Belgian counterparts on the sidelines of the 62nd UN General Assembly in New York. Iran's Manouchehr Mottaki and Malaysia's Hamid Jaafar Albar discussed the next ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), due to be held in New York next Friday. They also called for the expansion of economic ties between Iran and Malaysia."

Maldives: No recent news about Iran-Maldives relations.

Mali: "Iran looks to Africa," United Press International, 6 September 2007
"In August, a 30-person Iranian business delegation met with officials in Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon and Liberia, and went away with promises to increase trade and development, according to Iran..s PressTV. Iran is interested in construction, banking, pharmaceuticals, and auto manufacturing in these West African countries."

Malta: No recent news about Iran-Malta relations.

Marshall Islands: No recent news about Iran-Marshall Islands relations, but they are usually pro-US.

Mauritania: "Iran, Mauritania stress expansion of all-out ties," IRNA, 4 September 2007
"Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and the Mauritanian Secretary of State in charge of Union of Arab Maghreb Affairs Al-Hafiz Walid Ismail here Tuesday underlined the need for expansion of mutual ties in all fields. At the meeting on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit on the Human Rights and Human Diversity, Mottaki said that Iran would spare no efforts to expand relations with Mauritania. Pointing to the abundant commonalties between Iran and Mauritania, he added that the two Muslim nations are interested in having relations based on respect for mutual interests. He hoped that with the opening of embassies of the two countries, the wish to expand ties will be materialized. Turning to Iran's potentials in different economic sectors, particularly in oil and gas, crude exploration, car manufacturing, agriculture machinery, and medicine and health care, he said that Tehran is ready to put its experiences at the disposal of Mauritania. The Mauritanian minister, for his part, expressed satisfaction over his participation in the Tehran summit, and underlined the need for expansion of bilateral ties. He also invited Iranian investors to cooperate in Mauritanian economic projects."

Mauritius: "Indian Ocean Rim countries to discuss trade protocol," Times of Oman, 7 September 2007
"A meeting of experts representing six of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IORARC) countries will be held at Al Falaj Hotel today and tomorrow. These countries are the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kenya, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Tanzania besides the Sultanate of Oman, ... The importance of IORARC stems from the fact that the Indian Ocean region includes countries in Asia, Africa as well as Australia, which include almost one-third of the world population and many varied resource such as oil, uranium, gold, etc. The potentials of these countries will pave their way to further economic integration between them."

Mexico: No recent news about Iran-Mexico relations.

Federated States of Micronesia: No recent news about Iran-Micronesia relations, but usually pro-US.

Moldova: No recent news about Iran-Moldova relations.

Monaco: No recent news about Iran-Monaco relations.

Mongolia: No recent news about Iran-Mongolia relations.

Montenegro: No recent news about Iran-Montenegro relations.

Morocco: "Iran, Morocco to boost energy cooperation," Tehran Times, 22 September 2007
"TEHRAN (PIN) -- Iranian and Moroccan energy ministers will discuss ways to promote bilateral cooperation in energy, electricity, and related industrial fields. The decision was made at a meeting between Iran’s Minister of Energy Parviz Fattah and the visiting Moroccan Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Boutaleb. The bilateral talks are aimed at taking a closer look at the potentialities of the two countries in electricity and energy sectors, the Iranian minister said, according to presstv.com. ... For his part, Boutaleb said that he was carrying a written message from the Moroccan King Mohamed VI to the Iranian president. He said that the message included a proposal by the Moroccan leader to expand ties between the two Muslim countries."

Mozambique: No recent news about Iran-Mozambique relations.

Myanmar: No recent news about Iran-Myanmar relations.

Namibia: "Iran looks to Africa," United Press International, 6 September 2007
"The Iranian government owns a 15 percent share in Namibia..s Rossing uranium mine, the world..s largest open-pit uranium mine, although the uranium produced is not sold to Iran, according to the company..s Web site. In 2006 the mine produced 12 million tons of uranium ore, according to the company."

Nauru: No recent news about Iran-Nauru relations.

Nepal: No recent news about Iran-Nepal relations.

Netherlands: "Netherlands would back European sanctions on Iran," Agence France-Presse, 17 September 2007
"The Netherlands would support European Union sanctions over Iran's nuclear programme if the UN Security Council fails to agree on new measures, Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen said Monday. 'The first effort should be to convince the Security Council to apply more sanctions,' he said after talks with his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner in Paris. 'But when the Security Council doesn't agree, I am prepared, I am willing, to apply European Union sanctions in combination with the United States sanctions.'"

New Zealand: "New Zealand at peace with Iran," Dominion Post, 22 September 2007
"... Mr. MacMaster keeps a supportive eye on the 20 to 30 New Zealanders living in Iran, as well as building trade and political ties. 'We are well regarded,' he says. 'We have had a good relationship with Iran over the past 30 years. It is our longest relationship with any Middle Eastern country in terms of a presence. We're seen as an independent country. We don't have the same sort of historical baggage as other countries.' ... The policy remains one of constructive engagement, rather than destructive isolationism. ... Frozen lamb exports boomed in the mid 1980s and the 149,000-tonne total in 1984, worth nearly half a billion dollars, was more than that exported to Britain. That trade has since virtually disappeared, and butter, milk and wool made up most of the exports worth $130 million in the year to June 2007. In turn, we imported Iranian petroleum and dates and figs to a near similar value. Personal links are strong. An estimated 7000 to 10,000 Iranian nationals live here. Iran is also drawing on New Zealand expertise in gas projects, earthquake strengthening and airways management."

Nicaragua: "Iran's Romance of Nicaragua," Time, 10 September 2007
"Nicaragua, the Central American nation noted for its connection to Iran during a political scandal two decades ago, is coming under fresh scrutiny for its ties to Tehran. ... The Nicaragua-Iran embrace includes four significant events since Ortega took office as the democratically elected leader of his country last January. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to the Nicaraguan capital, Managua, to personally congratulate Ortega days after his Jan. 10 inauguration. Then Ortega borrowed a jet from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to visit Iran in June. Two months later, Iran and Venezuela pledged $350 million to build a seaport near Monkey Point on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast. (Tehran has also been cultivating an alliance with oil-rich Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.) And last Wednesday, the Nicaraguan foreign minister returned from Tehran, where he met with the foreign ministers of Syria, Cuba and Iran. There is now speculation that Nicaragua may support Tehran's bid for a seat in the U.N. Security council."

Niger: No recent news about Iran-Niger relations.

Nigeria: No recent news about Iran-Nigeria relations outside of their common membership in OPEC.

Norway: "FM: No limit to Tehran-Oslo cooperation," PRESS TV, 11 September 2007
"Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki sees no limitation on expanding cooperation with Norway given the 'realistic' stance of the country. ... Iran and Norway have great potential for promoting bilateral cooperation, Mottaki added. The Norwegian ambassador, for his part, termed his mission in Iran as important, stressing that both countries have a lot of potential to bolster their bilateral ties."

Oman: "Iran sends 1st wheat cargo to Oman," PRESS TV, 17 September 2007
"After joining the wheat exporting countries Iran is now preparing to send its first cargo of the important crop to the Sultanate of Oman. The 40,000-ton shipment of wheat will be sent from the port city of Mahshahr in southwestern Iran. Oman had ordered the purchase of 160,000 tons of wheat to Iran's Commerce Ministry, which will be implemented in four stages. Iran's State Commerce Company, a subsidiary of Iran's Commerce Ministry, has so far contracted $ 170 million for a total of 500,000 tons of wheat with a number of countries. Iran which was one of the world's major wheat importers till three years ago, has become self-sufficient in the production of the important crop."

Pakistan: "Iran, Pakistan discuss Peace Pipeline," PRESS TV, 24 September 2007
"The second round of expert-level negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan about the Peace Pipeline project has started. During their talks, which commenced in Tehran Monday, Iranian and Pakistani expert delegations are supposed to finalize an agreement on exporting Iran's gas to India and Pakistan and work out a draft to be signed by the presidents of the three countries. At the end of the expert talks on Thursday, deputy oil ministers of the two countries will continue to discuss the project."

Palau: No recent news about Iran-Palau relations.

Panama: No recent news about Iran-Panama relations.

Papua New Guinea: No recent news about Iran-Papua New Guinea relations.

Paraguay: No recent news about Iran-Paraguay relations.

Peru: No recent news about Iran-Peru relations.

Philippines: "Iran, Philippines ties lasting, friendly: president," IRNA, 10 September 2007
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a meeting with the Philippines' new ambassador to Tehran, Alaeddin Vilacorte, here on Monday said the two capitals enjoyed lasting and cordial relations. The president appreciated the government and nation of the Philippines for their support for Iran's peaceful nuclear program. 'Every independent nation has the right to make use of peaceful nuclear technology,' stressed President Ahmadinejad. The president expressed hope that all nations including that of the Philippines would reach prosperity and progress. For his part, Vilacorte hailed Tehran's efforts to help establish regional and international peace and stability. He expressed hope that Tehran-Manila bilateral relations would further boost in all areas."

Poland: "Iran, Poland to boost bilateral trade ties," IranMania, 8 September 2007
"Iran and Poland called for expansion of bilateral trade ties, MNA reported. Sakaravad Hunto, Polish deputy culture and national heritage minister, has expressed his government's readiness to invest in different sectors of Iran's economy. Attending a meet with Iran's Deputy Commerce Minister Mehdi Ghazanfari, he said that a delegation from Poland's Chamber of Commerce, accompanied with private sector, would pay a visit to Iran by the end of year to discuss trade and economic ties reinforcement. Referring to Iran's rich culture and cultural heritage, the Polish official said that the country is willing to facilitate bilateral trade relations. He obliged the countries' officials to do their best for paving the way for the promotion of imports, exports, and joint ventures. Calling for Iran's information and knowledge about agriculture, industry, and technical and engineering services, he announced that holding exhibitions of sides? common market products and activating the private sector and the countries' trade delegation would boost bilateral trade ties. Ghazanfari, also the head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPOI), said that Polish investors could take part in Iran's economic projects in line with enforcement of Article 44 of the Constitution."

Portugal: "EU ready with sanctions if Iran breaks nuclear rules: Portuguese PM," People's Daily Online, 20 September 2007
"Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates said on Wednesday that the European Union is ready to apply all the sanctions in its power against Iran if it breaks international laws on nuclear power. 'Europe is prepared to do all in its power so that international laws be upheld. Naturally, we will use all the sanctions available to us if Iran breaks the laws,' said Socrates, whose country holds the EU's presidency until the end of the year. 'We hope Iran will keep to the law and negotiations will go ahead on this matter, ensuring that nuclear energy is not used for military ends in that nation. However, if this does not happen we are willing to back the use of pressure,' he said."

Qatar: "Qatar, Iran officials meet in NY," PRESS TV, 27 September 2007
"Qatari emir describes Iran's presence at the UN General Assembly Summit in New York as a success, despite US stonewalling efforts. ... 'People all across the world including the Americans have heard your speech at the Columbia University and confirmed your righteousness,' said the emir who called on the Iranian president to establish more relationship with the US public opinion and the Iranian community and express his ideas openly in public. For his turn, President Ahmadinejad appreciated the stance taken by Qatar towards Iran and said that the relations between the two sides are improving. The Iranian president also called for the enhancement of fraternal ties and cooperation between the two nations."

Republic of Korea (South Korea): "President endorses Iran-South Korea agreement," IRNA, 27 September 2007
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday endorsed Iran-South Korea agreement on expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries. The agreement, which consists of one introduction and 14 articles, was passed by Majlis and endorsed by the Guardian Council. The parliament authorized the government to exchange relative documents on the agreement. The agreement covers taxation on income as well as movable and immovable properties, import and export regulations, clearance of goods from custom houses, transportation and preserving the goods on domestic markets of both countries."

Romania: No recent news about Iran-Romania relations.

Russian Federation: "Russia's Putin due in Iran in Oct.," PRESS TV, 12 September 2007
"Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to visit Tehran in October. Mottaki made the remark upon his arrival in Moscow Tuesday night at the head of a delegation of experts on the Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission. ... In meetings to be held between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Russian counterpart in Tehran, new ground will be broken that will lead to an expansion of cooperation, Mottaki promised. The minister noted that his goal in Moscow was to hold talks with the Head of the Russian Federation's Atomic Energy Agency and the Russian head of the two countries' joint economic commission, Sergei Kiriyenko. Their talks will center on bolstering economic cooperation. He stated that the current volume of trade and economic exchange between Tehran and Moscow is not in line with the potential of the two countries, stressing that both sides enjoy the capability of promoting cooperation in all fields."

Rwanda: No recent news about Iran-Rwanda relations.

Saint Kitts and Nevis: No recent news about Iran-St. Kitts & Nevis relations.

Saint Lucia: No recent news about Iran-Saint Lucia relations.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: No recent news about Iran-Saint Vincent & Grenadines relations.

Samoa: No recent news about Iran-Samoa relations.

San Marino: No recent news about Iran-San Marino relations.

Sao Tome and Principe: No recent news about Iran-Sao Tome & Principe relations.

Saudi Arabia: "Saudis worried Iran row headed to confrontation," IranMania, 27 September 2007
"'Definitely what we are seeing is a confrontation in the making,' the prince said. 'And we have pressed in our mutual discussions with the Iranians the question on them: 'Why such a precipitous move toward confrontation, what is your intent in this?' And their answer was that they are not looking for confrontation or building nuclear weapons.' He said Saudi Arabia is 'very concerned' about Iran's nuclear program, which Western powers charge is a cover for building an atomic bomb. Tehran rejects the charge, saying it only seeks to produce energy. Prince Saud said Tehran must prove its program is peaceful."

Senegal: "Iran, Senegal call for judicial cooperation," IRNA, 19 September 2007
"Iran's Ambassador to Dakar Jahanbakhsh Hassanzadeh in a meeting with Senegalese Justice Minister Sheikh Tidiane Sy on Wednesday called for expansion of judicial cooperation between the two countries. The ambassador submitted Iran's Judiciary chief invitation letter to the Senegalese minister to visit Iran. Senegal's justice minister thanked for the invitation and by referring to the latest visit of Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi to Senegal said, 'We had very fruitful discussion here.' He called Shahroudi's visit to Senegal as a turning point in developing judicial ties between the two countries."

Serbia: "Iran customs deal with Balkan states," PRESS TV, 1 September 2007
"The bill on cooperation between Iran, Serbia and Montenegro on customs affairs has been ratified by the Majlis and the Guardian Council. The president will forward the bill for implementation to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. Ratification of the agreement between the three countries, which contains a preamble, 24 articles and an annex, authorizes the government to proceed with the exchange of the relevant documents with Serbia and Montenegro. According to the bill, in addition to cooperating in customs affairs, the governments of Iran, Serbia and Montenegro will make joint efforts toward countering any violation of the relevant laws and regulations with regard to such issues as drug trafficking in accordance with relevant international conventions."

Seychelles: No recent news about Iran-Seychelles relations.

Sierra Leone: "Sierra Leone envoy discusses issues of mutual interest with Iranian official," IRNS, 27 september 2007
"Sierra Leone Ambassador to Tehran Alari Kole, in a meeting with the Head of Organization of Culture and Islamic Communication, Mahmoud Mohammadi Araqi discussed with him issues of mutual interest. In the meeting, the ambassador said, 'Relations between the two countries have been excellent and the level of ties, especially in the fields of medical, educational and cultural services has been good.' Referring to Iran's assistance on building and renovating schools, mosques and libraries in Sierra Leone, the ambassador called Iran's cooperation with Sierra Leone universities desirable and expressed hope that the relations expand more and more."

Singapore: "Iran, Singapore to adopt strategies for trade ties expansion," Mehr News Agency, 7 September 2007
"Iran and Singapore underlined here on Friday the reinforcement of communication infrastructures and other effective factors for the growth of bilateral trade ties. In a meeting with Singapore’s Ambassador to Tehran Gopinath Pillai, Iran’s Commerce Minister Massud Mirkazemi said that the necessary conditions for bilateral investments are available. He announced that the sides have relations in fields of banking, customs, and standard institutes, adding since a proper act is governing on foreign investment, the Singaporean investors will benefit from the projects of country they invest in. Referring to Iran’s foreign investment attraction that has doubled in the past two years, Mirkazemi added that the country has satisfactory trade ties with more than 175 countries. Shifting to a 48 percent rise in country’s non-oil exports, he announced that Iran produces 60 million tons of agricultural products per annum. Calling for Iran’s more cognition over bilateral private trade sectors, Gopinath Pillai said that the sides have to apply the potentials to boost the trade ties."

Slovakia: No recent news about Iran-Slovakia relations, but the Slovak leadership has condemned the US "missile shield" scheme that is ostensibly related to a threat from Iran.

Slovenia: "Iranian, Slovenian FMs meet in New York," IRNA, 25 september 2007
"Iran's Foreign Minister who is here to attend the 62nd UN General Assembly met and conferred with his Slovenian counterpart on bilateral, and Iran-EU relations. Manouchehr Mottaki referred to Slovenia's initiative of establishing a special group to pursue the dialogue among civilizations issue, emphasizing, 'Slovenia's move in that respect is a step towards strengthening the foundations of sustainable peace and security at international scene.' ... During the meeting the Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel, whose country would be the rotating head of the EU as of January, 2008, said, 'The EU is after solving Iran's nuclear problem through diplomacy, and would not change its stand in that respect.' Rupel added, 'The world needs no more crises, we would pursue diplomatic talks with Iran, and that is EU's stand.' ... Touching on bilateral ties, too, the Slovenian top diplomat said, 'We favor further expansion of relations with Iran and back the establishment of a joint economic commissions.'"

Solomon Islands: No recent news about Iran-Solomon relations, but the Solomon Islands are usually pro-US.

Somalia: Somalia is currently under Ethiopian military occupation with US backing and though the Ethiopian-imposed Quisling-style puppet regime is represented in the UN, as a non-sovereign occupied territory it should not be. To see the "Somali" stance, see Ethiopia.

South Africa: "South Africa concerned about France stance toward Iran," Tehran Times, 20 September 2007
"South African Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahd here Wednesday expressed his country's concern about recent remarks of France Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner on possible military operation against Iran. Pahd made the remark in a press conference in Pretoria in which he also warned that such irresponsible remarks will have dangerous consequences for regional and global peace and stability. ... He underlined the importance of respecting indisputable right of all countries to make use of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes, adding that Pretoria is of the opinion that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the best body to deal with the nuclear dossier of Iran. The official further noted that the report of IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei for Iran indicates that Tehran makes efforts to move forward in the process of confidence-building and solving the remaining issues. ... Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to the existing crises in Iraq and Afghanistan, underlining that all countries should avoid being used as a new front against Iran, otherwise, the status of the region and world will become 'complicated and dangerous'"

Spain: "Iran, Spain discuss Iran's N-case," PRESS TV, 26 September 2007
"Spain's Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos, in his meeting with Mottaki, has urged to resolve Tehran's nuclear standoff through dialogue. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and his Spanish counterpart, Miguel Angel Moratinos, who met on the sidelines of UN General Assembly, expressed willingness to expand bilateral ties between Tehran and Madrid. Both officials also discussed the latest developments in Iran's civilian nuclear program as well as Tehran's ongoing cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Moratinos, for his part, expressed his country's appreciation for the developing relations between Iran and Spain. He also stressed the Spanish government supported the firms doing business with the Islamic Republic. By rejecting any undiplomatic action towards Iran's nuclear case, the Spanish minister emphasized the necessity of dialogue in resolving Iran's nuclear standoff with the West."

Sri Lanka: "Iran to set up petroleum refinery in Sri Lanka," Colombo Page, 26 September 2007
"Iran has expressed its wish to set up a petroleum refinery in Sri Lanka at the discussions Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa had with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday, government sources said. Both Heads of State who are now in New York to participate in the 62nd UN General Assembly had cordial bilateral talks yesterday. Several Sri Lankan Ministers and officials including the Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratunga participated in the talks."

Sudan: "President enacts Iran, Sudan agreement," IRNA, 11 September 2007
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday enacted Iran-Sudan agreement on avoiding double tax system. He forwarded executive order to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs to that effect. The agreement, which consists of one introduction and 28 articles, was passed by Majlis okayed by the Guardian Council. The Legislature authorized the government to exchange relative documents on the agreement. The agreement covers taxation on income and movable and immovable properties."

Suriname: No recent news about Iran-Suriname relations.

Swaziland: No recent news about Iran-Swaziland relations.

Sweden: "Sweden backs Iran's nuclear stance," ISNA, 7 September 2007
"Sweden's secretary of state for foreign affairs, Frank Belfrage backed Tehran's right to pursue peaceful nuclear technology. Belfrage expressed hope that through negotiations with the IAEA Iran's nuclear issue would soon come to an end. Iran's deputy foreign minister for international and legal affairs, Abbas Araghchi also in his meeting with Belfrage asserted that the 'only qualified authority' to review Iran's nuclear project was the IAEA. ... In this regard Belfrage highlighted Iran's significant role in establishing stability in the region by referring to Sweden's foreign minister recent statements after his trip to Iraq who had said Iraq's stability relied on Iran."

Switzerland: "Iran ready to help Switzerland in oil, gas sectors," Tehran Times, 14 September 2007
"Iran is prepared to cooperate with Switzerland in oil and gas industries, voiced the acting petroleum minister here on Friday. Gholamhossein Nozari made the statement in a meet with the Swiss head of the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy, and Communications. ... Elaborating on fruitful negotiations between Iran and the Swiss company EGL, the top official said that talks will boost the sides’ cooperation in the two fields. Accentuating Switzerland’s desperate need in Iran’s energy, Moritz Leuenberger expressed hope bilateral cooperation will meet it in the near future. ... Leuenberger also underlined that all countries reserved the right to do research and to use nuclear energy for peaceful objectives, ruling out any limitations in this field. ... Much to Washington’s dismay, European firms are attracted by Iran’s energy potentials as a secure source for their long-term energy needs especially when they seek to diversify their imported energy."

Syrian Arab Republic: "Iran to invest $10b in Syria by 2012," Tehran Times, 15 September 2007
"Iran will make $10 billion investments in Syria within the next five years, the acting industries and mines minister announced here on Friday. In his return from Syria, Ali-Akbar Mehrabian expounded the results of his trip, saying Iran-Syria relations are strategic. He added that the sides are currently cooperating in 16 projects valued at some $1 billion, predicting that the figure will reach $10 billion by 2012. The official said that six working groups were formed in cement, glass, rubber, auto, food, and other industries. Referring to the financing of joint ventures, the caretaker added that a joint investment fund with a $200 million capital was established. Pointing to two Iranian carmaking projects in Syria, Mehrabian added that the first phase of Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) will be put into operation in the near future and the factory of SAIPA’s Pride sedan production will go on stream after the holy month of Ramadan with a production capacity of 10,000 cars. He predicted the figure will hit 40 thousand sedans, noting that an automaking project in an Arab country like Syria will facilitate the sedan’s export to other Arab states. Alluding to the establishment of an Iranian auto parts manufacturer’s industrial park in Syria, he declared that the glass manufacturing plant will become operational on Oct. 12. Mehrabian said that the parties reached an agreement on construction of a bus and truck manufacturing plant in Syria, announcing three contracts were signed by parts producers."

Tajikistan: "Tajikistan serious about expansion of ties with Iran," IRNA, 5 September 2007
"Speaker of the National Assembly of Representatives (Lower legislative chamber) of Tajikistan Mohammed Sayed Ubaydulloyev said here Wednesday that his country is serious about bolstering ties with Iran. Ubaydulloyev told Iran-Tajikistan Interparliamentary Friendship Group members that there are positive grounds for expansion of relations between the two countries given their cultural and lingual commonalty. He said his country is willing to contribute to development projects in Iran. Head of the Iran-Tajikistan Interparliamentary Friendship Group Hossein Nejabat said for his part that Iran expects Tajikistan to provide more facilities for Iranian entrepreneurs active in Tajikistan."

Thailand: "Iran-Thailand LNG Cooperation Continues Unabated," Fars News Agency, 15 September 2007
"Iran's ambassador to Bangkok Mohsen Pak Ayeen dismissed reports about a delay in LNG negotiations between Iran and Thailand. Speaking in an interview in Bangkok, the envoy told reporters that he has not received any reliable report that the gas supply negotiations between Thailand's PTT and his country are facing any obstacle. ... Underlining that the project would serve the interests of both countries in the long run, he stressed that negotiations would continue unimpeded due to mutual goodwill. ... 'On the other hand, Thailand needs gas to maintain its sustainable growth and this tangible fact leads both sides to a promising future for energy cooperation,' the Iranian ambassador to Bangkok reiterated."

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: No recent news about Iran-Macedonia relations.

Timor-Leste: No recent news about Iran-East Timor relations.

Togo: No recent news about Iran-Togo relations.

Tonga: No recent news about Iran-Tonga relations.

Trinidad and Tobago: No recent news about Iran-Trinidad-Tobago relations.

Tunisia: "Iran, Tunisia ink MoU on fishery cooperation," IRNA, 27 September 2007
"The Iranian and Tunisian deputy agriculture ministers signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on fishery cooperation between the two countries. Deputy Agriculture Minister and Head of Fishery Organization of Iran Sha'ban-Ali Nezami is currently in Tunisia to hold talks with officials of the African country on mutual agricultural relations. The two deputy ministers inked the MoU in the presence of Tunisian Agriculture Minister Mohammad Habib Haddad. Haddad called for active cooperation between the two friendly states in fishery sector, expressing his country's readiness to expand all-out cooperation with Iran. According to the MoU, consisting of six articles, both countries are obliged to expand cooperation in fishery sector, exchange experts and implement joint scientific, experimental and research projects."

Turkey: "Turkey defends energy ties with Iran despite U.S. opposition," Tehran Times, 25 September 2007
"Turkey once again defended energy ties with Iran and Russia, despite U.S. official calls on Turkey to seek alternatives such as agreeing with other regional suppliers including Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The U.S. opposition to Iran-Turkey gas deal was once again voiced during the recent visit of U.S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns to Ankara. ... Furthermore, Burns pointed out that an energy deal signed between Iran and Turkey in July was not helpful. The preliminary deal foresees the construction of two separate pipelines to ship natural gas from the fields in Iran and neighboring Turkmenistan via Turkish territory. 'We don't think that it makes sense to announce long-term oil and gas deals with Iran,' he said. 'But again we are not singling out Turkey for criticism or attention, this is general U.S. and West European message to many other countries.' However, responding Burns, Erdogan said, 'Russia and Iran are Turkey’s most important sources in terms of natural gas. Currently, our people consume natural gas in 47 out of 81 provinces. We aim at making use of natural gas nationwide.' ... Following Erdogan’s remarks, Energy Minister Hilmi Guler said he would meet his Iranian counterpart next month to sign a major energy deal. ... Iran is Turkey’s second biggest supplier of natural gas after Russia. Turkey and Iran signed a preliminary agreement on July 24, which revolved around the construction of two pipelines. Turkey plans to invest 3.5 billion dollars in Iran for gas production. The first pipeline would originate from Iran’s South Pars gas field and second from Turkmenistan, Iran’s Central Asian neighbor. Analysts say Turkey can use part of this gas for its own consumption. The rest can be transferred further into Europe along the upcoming Nabucco pipeline. From the first day the United States has opposed the agreement. Some media circles even claim that the growth in bilateral trade between Turkey and Iran appears to be part of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party’s strategy of trying to strengthen economic ties with other Muslim countries."

Turkmenistan: "GWP hails Iran-Turkmen interaction," PRESS TV, 22 September 2007
"Experts say other countries should learn from the interaction between Iran and Turkmenistan in the field of regional water cooperation. Experts attending a three-day seminar titled 'Global Water Partnership (GWP) in Central Asia and Caucuses' said Iran and Turkmenistan have constructively collaborated in the field of water resources. During the seminar, in which experts from eight regional countries are attending, mechanisms for resolving possible disputes and conflicts on the use of interstate water sources will be discussed. Some other issues pertaining to water management will also be taken into consideration. They will also prepare joint documents to be presented to some of the biggest international forums in the world."

Tuvalu: No recent news about Iran-Tuvalu relations.

Uganda: "Uganda: Country, Iran Trade Gets Boost," AllAfrica.Com, 4 September 2007
"UGANDANS importing from Iran will not have to worry about following the signing of Shs1.77 billion credit between Front Page Microfinance and an Iranian bank to facilitate imports. In a deal signed last week, the Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI) will provide a two-year insurance cover to Front Page for any credit given to those who will import goods from the Middle East country. Front Page Micro Finance is to manage a line of credit worth $1m (Shs1.77 billion) under the Iran Export Guarantee Fund to help importers pay for goods and transport them back to Uganda. ... The development is a follow up on a promise made in 1996 by the former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Mr Rafsanjani had expressed interest in the development of Iran-Uganda economic relations. At the time however, the promise could not be activated for lack of a guarantee by the government of Uganda and the high interest rates. But all that changed in February this year when Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa visited Iran to discuss bilateral trade and other relations. ... Once it picks up, the deal is expected to boost trade between the two countries and increase Uganda's diversity of trade partners, away from the traditional European Union market, the East African market and the U.S."

Ukraine: No recent news about Iran-Ukraine relations.

United Arab Emirates: "Iran and UAE call for developing medical cooperation," Tehran Times, 26 September 2007
"Iranian Ambassador to United Arab Emirates (UAE) Hamid-Reza Asefi and the UAE Health Minister Humaid Mohammed Obeid Al Qattami discussed developing medical and health cooperation between the two countries on Monday. Pointing to the successful visit of the Iranian president to UAE in May, Asefi called for strengthened relations between Iran and the UAE, especially in health and medical spheres. The Iranians’ hospital in Dubai has a significant role in fulfilling the United Arab Emirates’ medical needs, he said. Asefi also underlined the need for drawing up a plan for exchange of specialized physicians between the two states. Al Qattami said Iran’s progresses in medical science and pharmaceutics are the best incentives for his country to develop ties with Iran. Al Qattami added the UAE Health Ministry is ready to devise long-term plans for further medical and health cooperation with Iran, including the use of the Iranian specialists."

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: "Britain warns Iran of new UN resolution," Agence France-Presse, 4 September 2007
"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown reiterated Tuesday that London will support a new UN resolution against Iran if Tehran does not curb its nuclear programme. Speaking two days after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran had achieved a key target in its atomic drive, Brown said there was evidence that international pressure was working. 'It is still my belief that the process we have started...which could of course lead to a third UN resolution...is the right process,' he told his monthly press conference in London. ... And he added: "We should focus on how the process can continue to move forward, but if necessary we will support a third UN resolution on this matter."

United Republic of Tanzania: No recent news about Iran-Tanzania relations.

United States of America: "US frets at Iran's 'strategic dominance'" Asia Times, 28 September 2007
"The Bush administration now believes that Iran's 'larger strategic aim' in allegedly providing modern weapons such as 240mm rockets to Shi'ite militias targeting US and coalition forces in Iraq is 'to attempt to establish escalation dominance in Iraq and strategic dominance outside', according to the official. The official said, 'Escalation dominance means you can control the pace of escalation.' That term has always been used to refer to the ability of the US to threaten another state with overwhelming retaliation to deter it from responding to US force. The official defined "strategic dominance" as meaning that "you are perceived as the dominant center in the region. ... That conclusion about "strategic dominance" thus implies that destroying what is perceived to be the political-military bases of Iranian influence in Iraq has become the key US war aim."

Uruguay: No recent news about Iran-Uruguay relations.

Uzbekistan: No recent news about Iran-Uzbek relations.

Vanuatu: No recent news about Iran-Vanuatu relations.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: "Iran, Venezuela Underline Consolidation of Ties," Fars News Agency, 28 September 2007
"Iranian and Venezuelan presidents in a phone conversation Monday night stressed the need for the consolidation of ties and increase of cooperation between the two countries. During the phone talk, Hugo Chavez congratulated his Iranian counterpart for his honorable stand in global issues and extended an invitation to Ahmadinejad to pay a visit to Caracas on the way back to Iran from New York. The Iranian president, for his part, said he and Chavez are two brothers seeking to bring peace, glory and grandeur for human beings, and accepted to pay a short visit to Venezuela following his stay in Bolivia. According to the phone conversation, the Iranian president will have a few-hour-long sojourn in Caracas Thursday afternoon."

Viet Nam: "Vietnam Highlights Iran's Significant Role in Region" Fars News Agency, 27 September 2007
"Vietnam's Foreign Minister Pham Gia Kheim described Iran as a large country with a significant role in the region, and called for the boosting of his country's trade ties and exchanges with the Islamic Republic. Kheim made the remarks in a meeting Thursday with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki in New York on the sidelines of the 62nd annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. In the meeting, the two ministers discussed economic relations and explored avenues to use the two countries' potentials to further expand ties. Exchange of economic delegations to identify the existing potentials was among the main topics of talks, a statement released by the Foreign Ministry's Information and Press Bureau said."

Yemen: "Iran, Yemen call for expansion of cooperation," IranMania, 16 September 2007
"Yemeni Ambassador to Tehran Jamal Abdullah al-Solal conferred with Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and submitted him a written message from Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, IRNA reported. ... Referring to friendly ties between Iran and Yemen, Mottaki called for continued expansion of ties between the two countries. He expressed the hope that the Yemeni nation and its government would go ahead with development programs and helping stabilize and bolster mutual ties. Exchange of visits and messages between the two sides' high anking officials as well as media persons would lead to expansion of ties between the two countries. The Yemeni ambassador, for his part, called the two sides' relations as deeply-rooted and said the Yemeni president along with other officials of the country believe in expansion of all-out ties between the two countries. He thanked Mottaki for his support during his tenure in the Islamic Republic of Iran for further bolstering and broadening of ties between the two nations."

Zambia: No recent news about Iran-Zambia relations.

Zimbabwe: "Iran, Zimbabwe to form peace coalition," Tehran Times, 27 September 2007
"Zimbabwean officials said on Wednesday that Tehran and Harare are ready to set up a 'coalition for peace ' to counter the aggressive policies of the West. Following a meeting between President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the two sides have agreed to form a coalition for peace in response to ' the aggressive policies of ' the world's powers. In a harshly-worded speech at the UN General Assembly, U.S. President, George W. Bush, accused a number of countries, including Iran and Zimbabwe, of violating human rights. However, Zimbabwean Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga said Washington and its allies are responsible for conflicts around the world, calling them 'bloodthirsty.'"

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