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05 June 2007

Turks, Kurds, and the US Occupation of Iraq

Well things are really heating up in the northern portion of US occupied Iraq with respect to US-backed Kurdish terrorists and our ostensible NATO ally, Turkey...

First we have the Turkish elections coming up:

Turkey's previous military buildups on the Iraqi border were mostly viewed as saber rattling, but analysts see something different and more worrisome this time. As PKK attacks against security forces inside Turkey continue unabated, the military leadership in Ankara has in recent weeks forcefully stated its desire to go after the guerilla group's operational bases in Iraq. Meanwhile, a May 22 suicide bombing in Ankara -- in which six people died and that has been linked to the PKK -- has turned public opinion in favor of an Iraq invasion.

Domestic political considerations are also having an impact. With Turkey's July 22 parliamentary elections fast approaching, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) -- already under pressure from the military for being seen as overly Islamist -- does not want to appear as being soft on terrorism and national security issues.

Put all together, observers here see all the ingredients for a dangerous political and military crisis that could lead to wider regional instability and might put a serious strain on Ankara's relations with both Baghdad and Washington.
[FROM: http://www.eurasianet.org/departments/insight/articles/eav060507a.shtml ]

At the same time you have the US-protected PKK launching both terror attacks:

Officials - PKK suicide bomber responsible for Ankara blast
Turkish officials on Wednesday announced that a suicide bomber with connections to the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) was responsible for a blast in the capital Ankara on Tuesday night that left six dead and more than 100 injured.

Three killed in suicide attack in Tunceli
Three soldiers were killed in a suicide bomb attack on a police station in the eastern Turkish province of Tunceli on Monday, security sources said. ... Ten people were injured in the attack.

As well as more conventional military attacks all over Turkish Kurdistan:

8 Turkish soldiers killed in PKK attack
ANKARA - Eight Turkish soldiers were killed and six wounded Monday in an attack by Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) militants on a military post in the eastern Turkish province of Tunceli, the Dogan news agency reported. Dogan reported that the two PKK militants had gained entrance to the Kocatepe village military post when guards recognised the jeep they were travelling in. The jeep was later found to have been stolen. One of the militants threw hand grenades once inside the compound's garden while the other fired on troops with an automatic weapon.

PKK kills four workers, wounds four others in eastern Turkey
Four workers were killed and four others wounded in an armed attack staged by the banned Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) in eastern Turkey; on Thursday, said Bingol Governor Vehbi Avuc. Avuc said in a statement that a group of the PKK militants attacked the workers who were cutting trees in forest between villages of Cicekdere and Kartal in Bingol province, leaving four workers dead and four others wounded,

So not the surprisingly the Turks are pissed and threatening to invade the PKK base of operations in US-protected northern Iraq:

Buyukanit: Turkey is Ready for PKK Strike in Iraq
ANKARA - Turkey's top general said Thursday the military was ready to stage a cross-border offensive to fight PKK terrorists in Iraq and that he already had sought government approval to mount military action. Yasar Buyukanit said he had asked for approval during a news conference on April 12, when he said "an operation into Iraq is necessary."

... the US, as normal, is trying to play a double game, telling the Turks "were working on it"...

Wilson says US working on measures against PKK
Calling Baghdad "a center of gravity" for the US forces in Iraq, US Ambassador to Turkey Ross Wilson has said that the US priority in Iraq was encouraging and supporting an Iraqi government that can stand on its own two feet, in remarks aimed to explain the reason for US inaction against outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) bases in northern Iraq.

...while at the same time entering into a solid public alliance with the PKK front groups in northern Iraq...

U.S. signs security pact with Kurdistan, warns Turkey not to invade
WASHINGTON - The United States has issued its highest-level warning against a Turkish military invasion of neighboring Iraq. Meanwhile, on May 30, the autonomous northern Iraqi region of Kurdistan signed a security cooperation accord with the U.S.-led coalition. The accord was signed by Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani and U.S. commanders in Irbil. The accord stipulated the handover of coalition security responsibility to the Kurdish regional government in the provinces of Dohuk, Irbil and Suleimaniya, Middle East Newsline reported.

... So, in view of the US's open support for terrorists attacking our ostensible NATO ally Turkey, the Turks have started taking matters into their own hands...

Turks shell rebels in northern Iraq again, says Kurdish report
Turkish troops shelled a border area in northern Iraq for a second day early yesterday in an attack on Kurdish rebels based there, a pro-Kurdish news agency reported. The report could not be confirmed immediately. The leader of the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq, Massoud Barzani, confirmed shelling by Turkish troops in Kurdish areas on Sunday but said there was no Turkish incursion.

...and is also following the US lead in opting to get "authority" to defend itself from alternate authorities since the US is obviously unwilling to to stop supporting these "friendly" terrorists...

Turkey seeks UN OK for cross-border action
UNITED NATIONS - The prospect that Turkish troops will invade northern Iraq to attack Kurdish rebels rose yesterday as Turkey reportedly asked to meet UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to reaffirm its right to self-defence. The move comes as the latest Kurdish rebel attack inside Turkey killed at least seven Turkish soldiers and injured seven more at a military outpost near the Iraqi border. Turkey has been massing troops on the border, and reminding the UN of its rights under the body's charter would signal the government is preparing the legal and diplomatic ground for military action.

As we get closer to the Turkish elections, this situation is only likely to grow worse. I don't think the US would destroy NATO by openly defending our pet terrorists against a Turkish invasion; as a US dominated NATO is still a useful tool for US imperialism (e.g. NATO fighting for us in Afghanistan, Kosovo, &c.) However, leaving the Kurds to their own devices would see the end of the ONLY Iraqi element that is pro-US occupation and pro-Corporate oil theft...

I have to say that from what I can see Ahmadinejad has been more successful at alienating us. Actually Bush has done a hell of a job of that on his own but of course like everything else he would blame it on someone else as the idiot thinks he is doing a great job.
Eventually it will be traditional allies the US, Britain, Australia, Canada, andIsrael against the world.this is all still just developing thanks to Bush and his new world order forever war.
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