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27 May 2007

Jewish Friends of Palestine Website Updated

27 May 2007: Here are our newest additions...

Jewish Websites:

  • Hagada Hasmalit - "Hagada Hasmalit (The Left Bank, Hebrew הגדה השמאלית) is an Israeli radical left wing website. First published in Hebrew in Spring 2002, it is one of the most widely read websites among the radical left in Israel. An English version began in March 2007. Hagada Hasmalit features articles and commentary by Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian writers from an anti-Zionist, Marxist or anarchist perspective. All oppose the 1967 Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and critique social and economic issues inside Israel. Hagada Hasmalit supported various campaigns over the years including the campaign to free Mordechai Vanunu, the struggle against the Israeli West Bank barrier in Bil'in, Tali Fahima and the refuseniks."

  • International Jewish Solidarity Network - "The International Jewish Solidarity Network is a growing international network of Jews whose Jewish identities are not based on nationalism but on a plurality of histories and experiences. We are committed to the struggle against the colonization of Palestine and the building of a Zionist Jewish state that began in 1948. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people because Israel and the Zionist ideology propelling it a) endanger all inhabitants of the region, b) will lead to further ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, c) encourage the demonization of Arabs and Muslims everywhere, d) result in the racist repression and invisibility of Jews of Arab descent and from Muslim countries, e) distort and debase Jewish cultures, whether religious or secular, f) implicate us in the oppression of others by conflating Judaism and Jewish identities with Zionist principles and practices. Zionism has exploited the history of Jewish suffering as a justification for colonial expropriation and dispossession. We denounce this exploitation and violence to claim a role in the global struggles for racial, economic and gender justice."

  • Israel Versus Judaism - "This website was created to expose the violence and oppression perpetrated by the Zionists and their State of "Israel" against the Jewish people who remain true to the Almighty, Judaism and the Torah. Judaism does not condone violence. Judaism demands that Jews be good citizens of the countries in which they reside and that they live peacefully with respect for and subservience to the ruling powers. Judaism teaches us, that the right for the Jewish people to have self rule in the Holy Land is not unconditional. Since the destruction of our Holy Temple over two thousand years ago, the Jewish people have been exiled from this land by Divine decree. The Talmud tells us that G-d obligated us not to rebel against the ruling bodies, and not to take the land of Israel by force (see Babylonian Talmud tractate Kesubos 111A)."

  • Israeli Regional Peace Movement - "In March 2002 in Beirut the Arab League put forward a proposal calling for peace in the Middle East and normalization of relations with Israel on the basis of an Israeli withdrawal from all Arab territories occupied in 1967; a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem; and the establishment of a sovereign and independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ... We believe that if more Israelis knew about the Initiative and had the opportunity to discuss and explore its implications public pressure on the government would build rapidly and lead to measurable progress towards regional peace." Listed in Organizations under "Peace Organizations," in Country under "Israel"

    Jewish EGroups, Lists & Petitions

  • Jewish Anti-Zionist Discussion - "There's not many forums where it's easy to talk about being an anti-zionist Jew. Even among our most progressive Jewish friends, it's hard to raise the subject. And in anti-zionist forums I've visited online or in person it can be hard to talk about a Jewish perspective. And yet it's something I'd like to talk more about. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton to say. I'm still working it all out, and it's not something I have ever directed a whole lot of brain power to, and I don't feel terribly educated about it. So I quite enjoy reading others' thoughts on it."

    Notable Individuals

  • David Theo Goldberg - I have long worried that Israel has claimed to speak for all Jews, that a state founded upon the necessarily racial makings and markings of modernity refuses any resistance from kin. ... If Israel can claim to speak for all Jews, then critical Jewish voices are impelled to speak to Israel. Perhaps it is only in owning up to the relational possibility of a fair, just and equitable existence for all living in the cauldron of so heterogeneous a social setting that peace and safety for any would be more or less guaranteed. That, after all, has always been the promise of Jerusalem. So perhaps too it is now, above all, in these most acutely anxious and anguished of moments that we - and perhaps above all we Jews - must embrace the history too of having been a Palestinian."

  • Hilton Obenzinger - "As an American Jew who has spoken out against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza for many years, I have been regularly smeared as a "self-hating Jew" and worse. ... f you wonder why so many people in the Middle East hate American foreign policy, just look at the "special relationship" between Israel and the U.S. government and American business. People in the Middle East know that Israel's human rights abuses--including land seizures, home demolition and segregation of non-Jews in the occupied territories--would not be possible without unconditional support from the United States."

  • Shmuel Yerushalmi - Wiki: "Shmuel Yerushalmi is a consistent anti-Zionist and Communist, and an outspoken advocate of an International Marxist-Leninist revolution. He is an active member in various leftist movements, such as the Israeli Communist Forum ... the "Civil Forum" of Hadash, aimed at fostering a non-Zionist Israeli civic identity. Yerushalmi began writing poetry in earnest in 1998 - in Hebrew rather than his native Russian, and his works were published in different literary and political sites, both in Hebrew and in translation to various foreign languages. Yerushalmi's poems, many of them outspokenly political, touch on a variety of subjects, such as Marxism-Leninism, social justice, ecology, the great victory over Nazism in the Second World War; and opposition to Zionism. One of the main themes which Yerushalmi tries to express in his poetry is the struggle for letting the Israeli society and policy-makers give account for aggressive policies."

    New Articles:

  • June 2007: "Forty Years of Occupation", Colorado Progressive Jewish News, by Colorado Jews for a Just Peace

  • 7/8 April 2007: "How Can Children of the Holocaust Do Such Things?", CounterPunch, by Sara Roy

  • 5 April 2007: "When an anti-semite is not an anti-semite", The Guardian, by Arthur Neslen

  • 1 April 2007: "Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods - A Spearheading New Initiative", Media Monitors, by Ruth Tenne

    Personal Jewish Websites:

  • Children of Abraham: Initiative by Shlomi Sendak - "Shlomi Sendak devoted more than 20 years to the new-age spiritual field and was one of the founders of Ale Yarok (the green leaf party). Lately he devoted himself to his dream, moved to the Negev desert in the South of Israel, founded "Khan Eden" and started his way to end the oldest conflict on earth. ... After more than 20 years in the new-age spiritual field, Sendak decided at the age of 47 to follow his dream, move to the South of Israel, to the place where the Jews made their first steps as a nation and try to settle the bitter disagreement who started about 5000 years ago in Abraham's tent."

  • Ecce Homo: A Diary of a Jewish Revolutionary - "I must admit of have been relishing rather severe Anti-Zionist sentiments for quite a long while. In the course of one's life I came to regard our venerable Rabbis of old with the highest possible esteem. I used to consider Rabbi Yolish of Satmar as my paramount spiritual mentor, and hailed the eminent Rabbi Amram Blau, the august institutor of Neturei Karta, as well as Rabbi Aaron Katzenellenbogen, his rival withal the acclaimed disassociation among the Guardians of the City, as the greatest revisionists of their times. It goes without saying that religious and ideological belligerencies have never motivated me to violate any state, public, criminal, civil or foreign law, by any means whatsoever. There should be no contrariety at all between religious and ideological antagonism, and civilian loyalty as well as observance of the law, that, in my opinion, would be the cornerstone of a democracy. I never thought I would live to experience myself so bitterly persecuted in Eretz Ysroel, it would appear, however, that some things would never change, videlicet: Zionism and it's heretic adherents."

  • Omnicrisis - "Omnicrisis.com is the personal blog of Mike Medow. Based in Detroit, Mike is an editor of Critical Moment magazine, a staff organizer of the Allied Media Conference, and treasurer for the Detroit Summer Collective. Mike is also a member of the Culture and Education Work Group of the International Jewish Solidarity Network, a newly emerging network of anti-Zionist Jews. Mike also has an interest in extreme and avant garde music and will use this blog to talk about that stuff too."

  • Realistic Dove - "Since the mid-1980s. I have spent much of my spare time and some of professional life trying to convince American Jews to support Israel’s peace camp. One of the challenges I’ve tried to address is figuring out how to criticise Israeli policy and the conventional Israel lobby without bolstering the arguments of those who reject the legitimacy of a Jewish state. I have fought this fight as a board member of Ameinu, Americans for Peace Now and the Givat Haviva Education Fund, as well as a member of B’rit Tzedek v’Shalom, four groups on the American Zionist left."

    Other Websites:

  • Jews Against The War - "America’s reputation in the region has been significantly compromised, seriously affecting its ability to have a positive influence in the future. There is no escaping the hard fact that the American military presence in Iraq is causing far more harm than good. We the undersigned implore our elected officials to act according to the will of the people of this great country and end this war! We ask that Congress set hard and fast limits on the ability of the President to expand this war or to extend it further in a military action against Iran."

  • Zionism in the Age of the Dictators - "The history of Zionist/Nazi collaboration has, for obvious reasons, been downplayed to the extent that many people do not know of it or flatly deny it. Nevertheless it did happen and Lenni Brenner's "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators" is by far the most comprehensive study of the topic publicly available. --- For the record, this collaboration pre-dated the Holocaust and was based on a logical premise: the Nazis wanted the Jews out of Germany and the Zionists wanted the Jews in Palestine. The Zionist movement could not have seen what would come, but the Nazi view of Jewish people was known and the Zionists chose to collaborate anyway. A dramatic example of "the end justifies the means." --- Despite the fact that Mr. Brenner's work has been exploited by Neo-Nazis and Holocaust Deniers, neither this work nor anything else he has written has ever sought to deny or minimize the Holocaust or deny its significance. As a long time anti-racist activist - one of the original "freedom riders" of the civil rights era – Mr. Brenner has publicly condemned them for exploiting his work to advance their aims."

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