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21 February 2005

To 'liberate' Cuba's new oil finds

So it was early to mid 2003 that the likelihood of offshore oil for Cuba became a real issue. See, for example,
Gulf of Mexico oil, Cuba's billion-dollar bet -http://havanajournal.com/business_comments/A1089_0_4_0_M/
- and of course at the end of 2004, it was announced that they had indeed discovered significant offshore oil reserves.

On the surface, this has thrown the U.S. into something of a quandry because of our unilateral sanctions against Cuba, see for example,
Cuban Oil Drilling Could Put U.S. Embargo Over An Economic Barrel -http://www.tampatribune.com/MGBCMHXK34E.html
- However, realistically, the regime in Washington has been ready since the end of 2003, when hidden within the labyrinth of the U.S. State Department, Bush set up the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba - http://www.state.gov/p/wha/rt/cuba/ - whose overt purpose is "regime change", e.g. "Bring about a peaceful, near-term end to the dictatorship;" [i.e. install a sympathetic government to US interests] and "Create the core institutions of a free economy;" [i.e. open Cuba to US economic exploitation and monoploization - a return to the "good ole days" of Batista].

The Commission has allocated some $36 million for encouraging Cuban dissidents, $18 million to advance U.S. propaganda (Radio Marti, &c.), and undisclosed amounts to use U.S. Embassies around to world to villify Cuba as well coordinating with allied states and international actors to increase Cuban international isolation (the problem being that Europe and most of the rest of the world doesn't see the Castro regime as being all that bad - only Americans believe it is some dire dictatorship today). For a comprehensive analysis of the Commission's efforts to 'liberate' Cuba [that is, Cuba's oil] see:
Venezuela Obstacle to USPlans for Regime Change in Cuba -http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/articles.php?artno=1357

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