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17 February 2005

Bush is uniting the world...

... against the United States. A few articles I came across today...

Russia and China become part of strategic alliance
- Putin now looks at BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/1627.asp

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese authorities decided to form the strategic alliance for defense, trade and energy. Russia will deliver oil to China and China will collaborate with Russia in Geopolitical strategic defense of Euresia.

The third emerging alliance is BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The newly formed Russia-China alliance provides Putin the necessary critical mass to move ahead and formally create the BRICS alliance.

Recently Brazil moved ahead and formed a business alliance withVenezuela. China and Russia also formed alliance with Venezuela. In spite of Washington's opposition, Russia plans to provide defense hardware to Venezuela and nuclear reactors to Iran.

Iran to aid Syria against threats

"We are ready to help Syria on all grounds to confront threats," Iranian Vice-President Mohammad Reza Aref said after meeting Syrian PM Naji al-Otari.

Russia confirms plan to arm Syria

RUSSIA said today it intended to sell a new air defence missile system to Syria, overriding Israeli concern about the move.

It said the weaponry was only for close-range use and would not upset the balance of military force in the Middle East. "Negotiations are now taking place on delivery to Damascus of the Strelets close-range anti-air system," Interfax news agency quoted an unnamed senior defenceministry official as saying.

India wants gas pipeline extended to China

NEW DELHI, Feb 14: India said on Monday that it wants the proposed gas pipeline from Iran via Pakistan to be extended to China, a move that could lend political security and urgency to the $4.5 billion project. "We should look beyond a national gas grid. Asian natural gas industry players should come together to form an Asian gas grid," Indian Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar said while inaugurating the third Asian gas buyers' summit here this morning.

Brazil and Venezuela Establish a "Strategic Alliance"

Caracas, Venezuela, Feb 14, 2004—In hopes of cementing what both Venezuela and Brazil have referred to as a strategic alliance and a model for South American integration, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavezand Brazilian President Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva signed 20 agreements in oil and energy projects as well as in defense yesterday.


MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia's nuclear chief said Thursday he will travel to Iran next week to sign a protocol on returning spent nuclear fuel to Russia, the only remaining obstacle to the launch of a Russian-built nuclear reactor in Iran. Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency head Alexander Rumyantsev said he would sign the long-delayed protocol inTehran on Feb. 26, paving the way for deliveries of Russian nuclear fuel for the Bushehr reactor, which is set to begin operating in early 2006.


KIEV, Ukraine (AP)-- Ukraine's new president said Thursday that withdrawal of the nation's soldiers from Iraq tops the agenda for the cash-starved military. ... President Viktor Yushchenko, who took office in January, told top military commanders and the defense minister "the pullout of our peacekeeping contingent from Iraq is the primary task,"the ministry said in a statement.

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